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Our Core Values

  1. We serve people, not patients.

    We serve people, not patients.

    Never forget that there is a human being attached to every set of teeth.
  2. Alaska is our home.

    Alaska is our home.

    We are proud of our local Alaskan community, and inspired by the beautiful wilderness of our state.
  3. Smiling is about more than straight teeth.

    Smiling is about more than straight teeth.

    Our mission is to deliver kindness, joy, fulfillment, warmth, sincerity, laughter and belonging, above and beyond the physical work we do.

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What Our Patients Say . . .

I was a patient at Luff Orthodontist last year and i love their practice! Their staff is so nice and the office is very clean. I never had to wait for my appointments, and they worked with my busy schedule. They were always there if i had an issue with my braces! Thank you for giving me a nicer smile:)

Amanda is my favorite, Paul is like an annoying “older” brother. Overall Luff Orthodontics has made my experience with braces great!

Wonderful, friendly staff, very knowledgable orthodentist, and a perfect smile result in less time than expected. Thank you!!!

My teeth were a mess! Now, the improvement is amazing! Invisalign was definitely the way to go for me. I liked being able to take out the trays for eating, normal brushing, and dentist deep cleanings. I especially liked that the team was able to remove the attachment bumps for my Wedding. Check out my before and after photos, and you’ll see what I mean ????

Well, i came in with and over bite and with fromt teeth over lapping, and they fixed both! Under two years! Which made the experince even better, i couldnt be happier with my teeth (:

Staff are friendly ! And now im happy with my smile with straight teeth

Dr. Luff and his staff are an amazing crew who provide exuberant service and make you feel right at home since day 1. I am thrilled my ortho servies are being take care of by Luff and his office.

Luff is such a happy place! The office staff is so friendly and always cares about their patients. I always feel comfurtable coming in. Luff is a great place to have work done. Im glade I go to Luff!

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20June 2017
Sharing your smileWant to make a positive first impression? Share a smile!  Studies have proven smiles are the first thing most people notice about others, ranked higher in importance than your eyes, smell, clothes, or hair.  Your smile doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, and you can really brighten up someone’s day by sharing your smile with them.Smiles are universal, and kiddos from many lands smile to show their happiness. What makes you smile? Hearing your favorite song on the radio? Seeing a friend you haven't seen for a while? Reading a note from someone you care about? Thinking about happy memories or plans for your future? When you come in to see us at Luff Orthodontics, we love to share our smiles with you.  You can start at the front desk where Jenny, Alyssa, and Laura will welcome you to our office.Your first visit will likely include a visit with Tia or Keith and their cheerful smiles. Once you are seated in the practice, you’ll be greeted by smiles from our amazing assistants, including Hayley, Sara, Taleena, and Breanna.  Dr. Luff and Dr. Cliff are always ready with a smile, as well.  Sometimes you can’t see the doctors' smiles behind their cool facemasks, but you can usually see the smile in their eyes. So, like the old song says, "if you're happy and you know it, your face will surely show it."  You can help make the world a better place by sharing your smile wherever you go.  And, to really brighten things up, share your kindness along with your smile to help make someone else feel better, too! If you're looking for an orthodontist in Alaska, we hope you'll give us the chance to share our smiles with you at Luff Orthodontics.  We do our best to show kindness and caring to each patient we meet, and hope to have you smiling along with us during your time in our office.  You can find us at our Anchorage location  at 3708 Rhone Circle or our newest location in the Valley at 3465 E. Meridian Park Loop in Wasilla.  Give us a call at 907-563-3015 for your free consultation.  Looking forward to meeting you soon!