Dr. Luff’s reminders for camping in Alaska

Like many Alaskans, Dr. Luff uses some of his time away from work to enjoy the great outdoors with his family and friends.  When you are out adventuring this summer, you might cross paths with him on a back-country trail,   fishing a river, or setting up a campsite with his kiddos. As your orthodontist, Dr. Luff wants you to enjoy your summer camping trips at the same time as you take care of your teeth.     Where do your summer camping adventures take you?  Do you pack light and head up the trail at Crow Pass for an overnight?  Do you prefer heavy camping with all the comforts of home? Maybe you combine your campout with kayaking at Eklutna or biking Denali. Whether you’re packing light or going all out, Dr. Luff would remind you to consider your teeth when making your pack list.  A couple small things will help you take care of your braces while you’re off adventuring overnight.  
  • Toothpick, flosspick, or other interdental cleaners
  • Travel toothbrush
  • Orthodontic wax to help with discomfort from protruding wires
  • Rubber bands if you have been given them to wear
  • If you have a retainer, remember to bring it with you and wear it as usual.  It will take an extra effort to keep it clean and safe.  Some people recommend putting your retainer in the case and leaving it on your pillow/sleeping bag when you’re not wearing it so you always know where to find it and it will be a good reminder to put it in at night before bed.
    Another important reminder: Eat all the delicious camping food.   Then, remember to brush your teeth!  It’s a little extra hassle when you’re outside, but your good oral hygiene habits will keep your teeth and braces working together to produce that awesome smile. If you’re looking for an orthodontist to get started with in Alaska, please give us a call at 907-563-3015 (Anchorage office) or 907-373-6411 (Valley location).  We love getting to know new patients and seeing your great smiles when you come in for appointments! Here’s hoping your summer is going great and you remember to care for your teeth and braces while you’re out enjoying all the awesomeness Alaska has to share.