Orthodontics and the Alaska State Fair

The Alaska State Fair kicked off in Palmer this week, bringing hundreds of activities and thousands of people to the beautiful Matanuska Valley.  There are so many things to do there, you could spend days and still not see it all.  For many folks, though, the best part of the Fair is the fair food!  When you’re wearing braces, you will avoid some of the fair staples.  Here’s a short list of Alaska State Fair foods braces-wearers shouldn’t eat:
  • Caramel Apples – 
These sticky, crunchy caramel apples are certainly on the top of the No Eating list for now.  You’ll need to wait on enjoying those until you’re done with your treatment. The gooey caramel would stick in your appliances and pull parts of your appliances off your teeth.  Add in the super-crunchy whole apple, a bracket-breaker and wire-bender, and  you’ve got a recipe for trouble.
  • Kettle Corn –
You already know the dangers of hard kernels breaking/bending your braces, so avoid this sweet and salty version of popcorn to protect your appliances.
  • Corn on the cob – 
Biting into those delicious corn kernels is not a good idea when they are still attached to the cob.  They tend to damage your brackets and wires, and it’s often more trouble than it’s worth.  If you’re still craving the warm, buttery corn, try cutting it off the cob and eating it with a fork or spoon.  With a little creativity you can still enjoy it!
So, that’s enough of a list of things you’ll need to avoid at the State Fair while you’re wearing your braces.  Now let’s talk about some of the other deliciousness you can have! Cotton Candy – always a classic! Mini Doughnuts – warm and fresh with a cinnamon-sugar dusting, good to share with friends or keep for your own. Bread bowls – filled with soup or chili and topped with melting cheese. Great for those chilly Alaska Fall days. Elephant ears – fried bread topped with honey or jam or powdered sugar. The mess is worth it! Anything on a stick – corndogs, porkchops, potato chips, ice cream, you name it.  The Fair is the perfect time to eat some “walking around food”. Of course, we remind you that all these Fair Food treats are not necessarily healthy choices, so keep in mind they are a treat. And, you’ll be treating your teeth right if you brush after you indulge.  Letting all that sugar sit on your braces and teeth is never a good idea, so bring a travel toothbrush for a quick brush up. In case you wanted to do something besides eat while you’re at the fair, check out the Alaska State Fair website for daily schedules.  Have a great time enjoying it all!   The rides and games, concerts, interesting people, and all the cool things our neighbors have grown, raised, and created over the year. You might see Dr. Luff there with his family, taking it all in.  He’s going to be at the 4H Auction again this year, supporting the youth who’ve spent a lot of time learning and working to raise their animals.  If you get the chance to cheer him on during his bidding, you should do it! If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Anchorage or Palmer/Wasilla, we hope you’ll consider joining us at Luff Orthodontics.  We would love to set up a free consultation with you to discuss your needs and make plans for treatment.  We work with insurers and have affordable payment plans with 0% interest as well.  So, call us at either of our offices (Anchorage 907-563-3015 and Valley 907-373-6411) to set an appointment.  Dr. Luff and his staff look forward to meeting you soon!