Summer Movie Treats

When I’m not working at Luff Orthodontics, I love heading to the movie theater to catch a summer blockbuster on a cool, rainy evening.  Our local movie theaters have really stepped it up in the past few years, bringing awesome sound systems and super comfortable stadium-style seating with huge screens. It almost doesn’t matter how tall the person in front of you is: You can see over the top of their head in your cool rocking chair.   Growing up here in Alaska, we had fewer theaters to choose from back in the day, with smaller screens, and old-school seating.  Anyone out there remember the Fireweed Theater or the Mat-Su Cinemas?  I know there are even more “vintage” theaters in our local history; maybe you remember some of them? No matter whether watching a movie on the huge screens today or back in the old days, hot, buttery popcorn is a part of the theater for many people.  What to do when you have your awesome braces on and you are following the rules Dr. Luff gave you: No Popcorn?     Does this mean you have to miss all the treats at the movies with your friends and family?  Are you destined to be miserable for two years of summer movie watching?  Never fear! We have some suggestions for alternate treats you can enjoy at the movies.   Soft pretzels:  Soft pretzels are hot, salty, and buttery – all the things you want out of a bucket of popcorn without the scratchy hulls. Bonus points if you get some cheese for dipping! Hot Dogs: You can’t go wrong with a soft bun and juicy hot dog, and most if not all of the toppings are safe bets, too. Pizza: Pizza is generally a good option, but beware of overly chewy or crunchy crusts that might tweak your brackets or irritate tender gums. Chocolate Candy: Remember the old tagline “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”? Sticky treats like Skittles, caramel, Sour Patch Kids, gummy worms, and licorice aren’t a good idea, but chocolate candies including M&Ms, Hershey’s Kisses, Kit Kats, Mounds bars, Sno-Caps, and Reeses Pieces definitely are. Ice Cream and Other Frozen Goodies: Many movie theaters now carry a variety of frozen desserts, and some even have milkshake, slushy, and smoothie machines. Everything from ice cream sandwiches to bonbons to sundaes is fine, but think twice about blended treats with hard candies mixed in.   So, whether your idea of a fun movie night includes Lightning McQueen or Optimus Prime, you don’t have to miss out on the treats while you’re wearing your braces. Take good care of your teeth and follow the care rules from Dr. Luff, and soon enough you’ll be finished up with your treatment.  You’ll be glad you did your best to take care of your teeth and braces, and you’ll find it was worth the wait for the popcorn and other treats you’d been avoiding. If you’re looking for a great Alaskan Orthodontist with a fabulous support team, I hope you’ll call us at Luff Orthodontics.  You can reach us at 907-563-3015 to set up a free consultation.  We’d love to help get you on the path to your orthodontic treatment.  We will take good care of you while you’re wearing your braces, and we might just get to see you at the local movie theater on some cool, rainy evening!  

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